Is posh salt better?

I hear people raving about gourmet salts, such as pink salt and rock salt. Are these better for you than regular salt?

It’s the sodium in salt that raises our blood pressure and damages health – that’s why health experts recommend we reduce our intake to no more than 6g a day. While many chefs use ‘posh’ varieties – and there are plenty, including coarse, fne, sea, rock, Cornish and Himalayan salt, as well as blends that contain exotic ingredients such as truffe and vanilla – the truth is they contain a similar amount of sodium to regular table or cooking salt, so they’re no better for us.

The problem is many of the claims made on the packaging of gourmet salts would lead us to believe otherwise. A survey carried out by campaign group Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) and Which? found that, thanks to on-pack claims that gourmet salts are ‘natural’, ‘contain minerals’ or offer a ‘tastier and healthier alternative’ to table salt, a massive 24% of adults think they’re healthier and 39% believe they’re more natural.

Even more worrying is that we tend to use more of these salts because the crystal sizes are larger. The key to better health is to stop adding any type of salt to your meals, and to eat fewer salty foods.