The Full Liquid Diet Menu Plan

The Full Liquid Diet has traditionally been prescribed for the postoperative patient between the clear liquid and postsurgical soft diet, however a literature search reveals there are no data supporting the use of a Full Liquid Diet as part of a postoperative diet progression. For patients with chewing or swallowing difficulties, dysphagia or mechanically altered diets are recommended.

Depending on the amount and choice of food eaten, Full Liquid Diet will tend to be low in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is recommended for temporary use only. A daily multivitamin and mineral supplement or commercial nutritional supplement is recommended if the diet continues for more than 5 to 7 days.

Full Liquid Food for the Day

1 cup or more(including potatoes)
Potato, strained in cream soups; other mild-flavored vegetables, such as asparagus, carrots,
green beans, peas, or spinach, strained and combined with clear broth, cream soup, plain or flavored gelatin; vegetable juices

1 cup or more
Citrus and other fruit juices; pureed fruit without seeds

1 or more servings
Refined or strained cooked cereals that have been thinned with hot milk or hot half-and-half

Dairy Products
2-3 servings
As a beverage and in cooking; milk in milk drinks, such as eggnog, milk shake, or malted milk; in strained cream soups; yogurt without fruit pieces or seeds, melted cheese
Note: Do not serve raw egg. Use blended baked custard, soft custard with added milk, or a commercial mixture that is pasteurized.
Protein Foods
2–7 ounce-equivalents
Eggs in eggnog, soft custard; pureed meat added to broth or cream soup

Added Sugars
Sugar, honey, sugar substitutes, syrup

Coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, flavored waters, sports drinks

Broth or strained cream soup combined with allowed strained vegetables; soft or baked custard, flavored and unflavored gelatin, plain ice cream, pudding, sherbet, popsicles, fruit ices, flavorings and mild spices in moderation; nutritional supplement beverages

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The Full Liquid Diet Menu Plan article taken from :
Simplified Diet Manual, Eleventh Edition. Edited by Andrea K. Maher.