Clear Liquid Diet Menu Plan

The Clear Liquid Diet has been traditionally prescribed for preoperative or postoperative patients (before or after surgery) ; for patients with an acute gastrointestinal illness to prevent dehydration; or in conditions when it is necessary to minimize fecal residue, such as bowel preparation for surgery or a gastrointestinal procedure. It also has been used to reintroduce foods following a period with no oral intake when poor tolerance or aspiration is anticipated. Research has shown that, for postoperative patients, there was no difference in tolerance whether provided a Clear Liquid Diet or Regular (General) Diet.

This Clear Liquid Diet is inadequate in all nutrients for patients of all ages. It is used only when absolutely necessary. It should not be used more than 3 to 4 days without supplementation. Commercial clear liquid oral supplements may provide a source of protein and additional vitamins and minerals, but it is not intended for a sole source of nutrition.

Note: A commercial elemental or semi-elemental formula may be useful if a clear liquid regimen is necessary for more than 3 days or if the patient has digestion or malabsorption problems.

Clear Liquid Food for the Day

Strained fruit juices: apple, cherry, cranapple, cranberry, crangrape, grape, orange, grapefruit, lemon

Fat-free clear broth and bouillon

Added Sugars
Flavored and unflavored gelatin; popsicles; fruit ice made without milk; sugar, honey, syrup; hard candy; sugar substitutes

Coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, clear fruit beverage drinks, clear liquid nutritional supplement beverage drinks, sports drinks

Suggested Menu Plan for Clear Liquid Diet

This Clear Liquid Diet Menu Plan article taken from :
Simplified Diet Manual, Eleventh Edition. Edited by Andrea K. Maher.